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The player said that it is like drumming and spreading flowers. I don't know who will collapse when I pick up.

Li Qiang (a pseudonym) still does not want to believe that he actually stepped on the thunder. "I am a bitcoin miner. I have seen hundreds of funds and I have bypassed a lot of pits. I didn't expect it to be planted in the wave field (super) community."

After Tokenstore, which was registered with 800,000 members, was smashed, the “Today's first-largest market” PlusToken and the wavefield super-community that claimed to be related to the wave field were suspected to collapse, completely stunned the people in the currency circle. ".

"There was news of all kinds of funds running around, but I always thought that the two of them were definitely no problem." A coin player told reporters.

In fact, the core feature of these funds is to use high rebates to attract players to the head. "This kind of project is like drumming, you never know (project) collapses when you take the order, but the only certainty is that the person who gets in the late, the greater the risk." One investor described it.

The player is not ignorant of the relationship, just gambling with the "disk master", gambling who runs fast. The Beijing News reporter found that although the roads are frequent, the funds are still active. If you spend more than 100,000 yuan, you can become a "distributor" and then "cut the leek."

The fund disk refers to the form of network marketing in which the east wall is replenished by the east wall and the member's money is paid to the former members in the form of capital circulation. Chen Yunfeng, a senior partner of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm, has publicly stated that there are three main reasons why the blockchain will be favored by the fund: anonymity, high heat, and overlapping users.

On June 28th, Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association released《关于继续警惕投资虚拟货币市场的风险提示》to remind investors to enhance their awareness of risk prevention.

The Beijing News reporter learned that at present, there are still many projects suspected of pyramid schemes in operation, and some people have told reporters that they are actively participating in the construction of new discs.

xxSince the evening of June 30, the APP of the Wave Field Super Community can only be opened and cannot be logged in. Some players query the wave currency stored on the platform and find that the suspect has been transferred.

Li Qiang said that the reward system and operation mechanism of the wave field super community are not fundamentally different from other funds. However, because the project is advertised as a close relationship with the wave field and Sun Yuchen, it feels “reliable”.

Sun Yuchen, the founder of the wave field, was called "Ma Yun's youngest disciple" by some media. His most recent concentrated exposure was the auction of the Buffett Charity Luncheon at a record-breaking price in early June.

The “Wave Field Super Community” has been declared to be a project by uTorrent, and uTorrent is one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field.

A project propaganda material provided by a player to the reporter, "μTorrent Super Community, get a reward of ten dollars from the wave field, and take out 9 rewards to the wave powder added to the uTorrent super node. Because these small nodes join, super Nodes will get more rewards and benefits."

What makes players more convinced is that in addition to the 13 core members of the community in May this year, in addition to the 13 core members of the community, there is also a so-called μTorrent Super Community Operations Manager Jeffe.

"We found the nodes in the publicity materials, and there are also endorsements by the operation manager. We naturally believe that this platform is related to the wave field." Li Qiang said that it was during the photo of May that he finally decided to join the platform.

The reporter asked the wave field official website to find that uTorrent is indeed one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field. But it is worth noting that the name of the wave field super community is “μTorrent Super Community”.


在7月1日早晨,在APP涉嫌运行的第二天,孙雨辰发布了一份微博,以警告资金风险,并促使投资者对资金风险保持警惕。 “作为世界上最着名的公共连锁企业之一,世界(不限于中国)有一些项目以波浪的名义制造一个纯粹的基金盘,这与索罗斯巴菲特的正义马云的”投资“相同MLM每天。我们的态度很明确,官方不支持MLM,基金盘,每个人都要警惕MLM和资金,并且一定要注意资金的安全。“





According to the statistics of players in the rights group, the player has reached hundreds of thousands in five months. According to the recent unit price of about 0.24 yuan, the amount involved is nearly 1 billion yuan.

Such a rapid expansion in a short period of time is related to the pyramid scheme of the wave field super community.

Wang Bo (pseudonym) came into contact with the wave field super community because of his multiple funds on the WeChat group. In May of this year, the reward system promoted by the project participants (that is, his later "home") impressed him.


According to the reward system issued in the wave field super community promotion group, the income consists of two parts, static income and promotion reward.

First, the user is divided into three categories according to the number of wave field coins (TRX) activated by the user on the APP: the user whose activation number is 1000-30000 is the first level node; the activation number 30001-100000 is the second level node. The number of activations above 100,000 is a level 3 node. The node is the user's level, and the later revenue is directly related to the user level. The static return is the node bonus award, and the wave field currency is deposited into the wave field super community APP to obtain interest. The current rebate level is generally 0.8% per day.

"I want to worry about bitcoin today, the price is low, the price is low tomorrow, this project has static income, the income level is reasonable, I am more practical," Wang Bo said.

What makes him even more excited is that, besides dividends, if he can successfully recommend the project to "the next home," the income will be higher. According to the reward mechanism, after the “next home” stores the wave currency on the APP and activates it, Wang Bo’s promotion fee will be divided into two parts: a one-time promotion award, calculated by “next home” to activate the number of TRX multiplied by the corresponding The rebate ratio, from one to three nodes, the rebate ratio is 5%, 10%, 15%. "I am a secondary node. The person I recommend saves 1000 coins. The ratio I get is 1000×10%," Wang Bo explained.


除上述奖项外,还有所谓的表演奖,独家促销激活奖,新表现奖,扩展运营奖+表演奖,团体所有者奖,支持奖,BTT空投奖等。 “这些奖励的目的是让你吸引更多的人,”王波说。

然而,这样的奖励机制确实鼓励许多玩家积极发展“下一个家”。一名球员表示,他投资了300万人民币,并开发了近百个“下一个家”。 “下一个家”的累计投资额达到1000多万。

王博发展了80多个“下一个家”是他的“自给自足的口袋”:王波给了每个人1000个额外硬币的APP。根据近期波动货币0.24元的价格,他寄出的波浪货币价值约为2万元。 “这是让每个人都体验它。如果他们感觉良好,他们可以继续补充他们的钱。”





张磊在今年年初开始投入资金,并在十几个基金中投入了200多万资金。有些项目相对幸运,有些人接管,有些项目已经逃跑,没有回报。 “折腾了将近半年,几乎没有得到任何补偿。”







还有一个名为“Bit Dog”的平台,将MLM资金打包成区块链娱乐宠物平台。根据平台,“Bit Dog”是由“Dogcoin”开发团队和游戏开发公司以及美国Bitdog游戏基金会共同开发的区块链娱乐宠物平台。根据平台数据,“Bit Dog”体验版自6月5日起不到一个月推出,参与者已超过20,000人,每天新增2000多人。

它的运作方式也与“拉头”不可分割。 “比特犬”平台规定,参赛者需要被推荐人注册为常规会员。普通会员想通过喂养“比特狗”采矿赚钱,你需要先通过推荐人创建一个“比特狗”账户,并支付99元采用“比特犬”。然后买一个喂食包喂“狗”。在喂食过程中,“比特狗”可以通过每天挖掘生成BTGS虚拟货币。










XX"In fact, it is very simple. Generally, an outsourcer can help you design a fund disk for more than 100,000 yuan. It is generally packaged into wealth management products. Recently, this kind of (finance) is very much," Qian Hao said.

Qian Hao said that when the owner can not only charge the transaction fee, but also the currency can be sold in the early stage, and the price difference will be sold after the price rises. And the early investors like them will also co-operate with the dealer and then actively promote the group. In response to how to raise the price of the virtual currency, he said, "It is still necessary to give people a project with a promising future. The demand is in short supply, and the price will rise."

Will you worry about the project running? Qian Hao said that even if the project ran away, he would not lose money. In his view, he is an early member of the "playing the world" with the banker, and he wants to sell the coin to the high point with the owner. Therefore, the benefits are similar in the short term. “The dealer feels that he has earned enough, and the project is indeed possible to go offline, but I have already withdrawn since then. This kind of project is gambling, and it’s better to fight faster than the owner,” he said.

When the reporter asked about the name of the project, he said that he would not disclose it, but he has prepared the white paper and will be online soon.

Blockchain investor Wang Feng (pseudonym) said that in fact, the operation of the fund is very similar. In the early days of launching the new disk, they will not only sell high amounts of virtual currency to the market, but also give dozens of times to the previous investors. The rate of return makes it "taste the sweetness." As a result, more people will invest in it and spend more money. However, when the owner feels that he has earned enough, the fund will become a "dead disk", and investors can not withdraw cash.

“What's more, the owner may open a new disk and let the part of the investor's funds that were “stuck” by the previous fund to start the new operation. At this time, some investors may even pay for it. 'Re-lived' and overjoyed, may re-invest in the mentality of recovering losses," Wang Feng said.

According to the reporter's investigation, there are still many projects with MLM nature in operation.







XX根据此案的罪行,律师事务所的律师王德义表示,根据《最高人民检察院、公安部关于公安机关管辖的刑事案件立案追诉标准的规定(二)》:[资助欺诈(刑法第192条)]非法使用非法占有欺诈手段,涉嫌有下列情形之一的,应当起诉:(1)个人集资诈骗,金额超过10万元; (2)单位集资诈骗,金额超过50万元。